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We have over 150 pumps to choose from. This can make choosing the best pump for your pond a difficult decision.

Our pump chart now makes comparing features, price, warranty and electrical costs much easier. We were the first company in North America to compare every pump we sell on one chart, helping you to determine which pumps offer the best warranty and energy efficiency. Please view our complete Pump Comparison Chart at Pump Comparison Chart and learn how to save up to $600.00 per year.

It is essential that the volume of a pond is turned over a minimum of once every 2 hours. If a pond is less that 3 feet deep, is in full sun, has plant coverage of less than 1/2 of the pond surface, has a large fish population or is located in a warm climate you will need to increase the minimum recommendation. Most ponds fall into one or more of the above scenarios and will do best if your pump will turn the entire volume of the pond over 1-2 times per hour.

Most ponds now incorporate a stream or waterfall. A stream or waterfall will look best if the pump provides a flow rate of at at least 100 gallons per hour (GPH) for every inch of width. eg. An 8 inch wide waterfall should have a pump that can lift at least 800 gallons per hour to the top of the waterfall. Most pumps models show the maximum flow rate at 0 or 1 foot of head pressure. We have provided flow rate data at different head pressure for all of our pump models in their descriptions. Always decide how high your pump will have to lift the water and then cross-reference the flow rates provided at the required head pressure before choosing a pump. Keep in mind that a long run of hose on the pump will also reduce the flow rate. For every 10 feet of hose required add 1 foot to the head pressure on the pump.

If you require any further assistance in selecting the best pump for your application we are here to help! We will need to know the volume of your pond, the height of your waterfall, the width of your waterfall and if you will be running a fountain before we can size your pump. We are available via email at mail@petsandponds.com or by phone Toll Free at 1 877-738-7387. We will be happy to help make your decision easier. We do it every day!

We sell hundreds of pumps a year and our experience shows that historically most pumps with a 1 year warranty will typically last only 6-18 months. We strongly suggest purchasing a pump with at least a 2 year warranty. We highly recommend the, Oase, ShinMaywa or Laguna pumps as their new technology is extremely energy efficient and reliability. While we offer many other brands of pumps we can not recommend many of them due to poor reliability or poor energy efficiency.

Tower Shock Buster Indoor-Outdoor 3-Outlet Electrical Cord with Inline GFCI
Tower Shock Buster Indoor-Outdoor 3-Outlet Electrical Cord with Inline GFCI
A must for safety around ponds and saltwater aquariums! Portable...
$CAD 57.99