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Protein Skimmers

Coralbox D300 PLUS Cone Protein Skimmer

Coralbox D300 PLUS Cone Protein Skimmer
Item Code: 17723617

Coralbox D300 PLUS skimmers pack the most advanced features of any skimmer available! With incredibly advanced features, top of the line performance, great reliability and clean appearance these are our top rated skimmer. Performance,
design, reliability and features surpass those of skimmers costing 2 to 4 times more.
Special PLUS model features include
skimmate collection cup overflow detection that shuts pump off when cup is full
upgraded curved "hourglass" body design
3D design "eddie" bubble diffuser plate for increased bubble contact time
special 10, 30 or 50 minute feed mode shuts pump off during feeding or water changes
additional feed mode setting lowers pump 2 speeds for up to an hour to prevent skimmer overflow after introducing additives to system

Powered by the super reliable and efficient Jebao DCA 1200 smart pump with pinwheel impeller. You know you can trust them to run trouble-free for years. The Jebao DCA pump include 8 power/flow settings. This allows additional tuning of the skimmer and permits use in a wider range of water levels than a typical skimmer.

The curved body produces a smooth efficient water column for stable bubble and skimmate production. A unique dual intake silencer reduces the vacuum suction noise created by the venturi suction of the skimmer pump for quiet operation.

Skimmer cleaning is made easy with a design that allows for quick disassembly of the skimmer.

Water level is easily adjusted with a precision gate valve assembly on the skimmer discharge. The adjustment dial is elevated well above water level allowing you to keep your hands dry.

• small footprint, space saving design
• beautiful solid cast acrylic & machined PVC construction
• Curved shaped body
• Air intake silencer
• Controllable Jebao DCA1200 Pump with pinwheel impeller
• in-sump use


Suitable for SPS corals or well stocked 40 to 130 gallon aquariums
Jebao DCA1200 Pump
Watts: 6W to 12W
Pump Capacity: up to 320 gallons per hour
Massive air intake rate
Measures: 5.7" x 5.7" x 17.7"H
ideal for water levels between 5 and 10 inches
1 year warranty on all components

Quantity : 

$CAD 259.99