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Aqua Sanrise Wifi LED Light A005 60cm - 180 watt

Aqua Sanrise Wifi LED Light A005 60cm - 180 watt
Item Code: 17732993

Reef Builders own Jake Adams is so excited about these lights he has posted two articles regarding their features! See his reviews at: April 30 Reef Builders and June 9 Reef Builders

At only 29mm thin this light will not take away from the beauty of your reef.
Complete control over three channels of light is at your fingertips with the aps available for your IOS or Android devices! You can set the timing and light intensity of the three light channels from 1% to 99% via any IOS and Android devices

The Aqua Sanrise uses Cree XPE and XTE diodes, tightly grouped into sets of three. Each set blends within a common secondary lens. This produces excellent color blending. Another exciting feature of the Aqua Sanrise is the use of individually replaceable LEDs. This allows for quick and easy spectrum customization and upgradability as newer LED chips evolve.

  • Light Distribution:
    Unlike modular LED lights that have a few clusters of LEDs spaced close together the Aqua Sanrise A005 incorporates a broad, even spread of LEDs. This feature provides the benefit of more even light output throughout the aquarium and greatly reduces the "hot spots" produced by many other LED lights. The double row of LEDs provides better light coverage than fixtures with a single, narrow strip of LEDs placed in the centre. Now you can better light the corals at the front, back and both ends of your aquarium. With the broad and even coverage of LEDs combined with 90 degree optics the light can be placed closer to the surface of the aquarium than most other LED lights. This is easily done with the use of the included adjustable width mounting legs or the included wire hanging kit.

  • Timing control
    You can set intensity values six times within 24 hours and the system will automatically dim to your programed brightness at the time you set, which simulates morning, noon, evening and lunar lighting.

    36 Total LEDs
    Channel A:White Cree 7000-8300K 5W 12pcs + Red Cree 620-630nm 3W 2pcs
    Channel B:Royal Blue Cree 450-460nm 5W 18PCS
    Channel C:Violet Epileds 420-430nm 3W 2pcs + UV Epileds 405-410nm 3W 2pcs

    Input Voltage: 110-264VAC
    Rated Power: 185W
    Total Luminous Flux: 5500LM
    Optic Beam Angle: 90°
    Suitable for aquariums from 24" to 36"

    Mounting Options: Hanging kit and adjustable width legs included
    Lifespan: 50,000hrs
    Casing Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Dimensions: 548mm x 260mm x 29mm
    Warranty: 1 year
    Easy DIY upgrades and component replacement with modular LED cluster, lens and fans.

    Sanrise manufactures many well know brands of LED fixtures and we have ordered directly from their factory, allowing us to offer some great lights at incredible prices.

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